William E. Haast, a snake-venom researcher, who was hospitalized earlier this month at University Hospital after being bitten by a deadly viper, said Tuesday he continues to feel good and has experienced no antivenin serum sickness.

"I've had no symptoms. It has everyone baffled. Everyone thought I would sure get an attack because of the great volume of antivenin serum. I received a total of 260 milliliters" of the serum, Haast said. Adverse reaction from such serum usually develops within five days to a week, he said.Haast, 78, was bitten Feb. 28 by a saw-scaled or carpet viper from the Pakistan area but didn't seek medical treatment until the following day. He believed he had built up sufficient immunity against the snake's venom.

Haast has been working regularly at Miami Serpentarium Laboratories since being released from the hospital March 8. Housing more than 1,000 snakes, the laboratory in University Research Park collects raw venoms used by medical laboratories, pharmaceutical companies and others in research.