Salt Lake police are seeking a "beer-bellied" bandit who held up a fast-food restaurant and a convenience store within a 20-minute period Saturday night.

Lt. Tom Brown said a man sporting sunglasses and a pot belly entered the Metro Oil, 208 W. Ninth South, and told the clerk he had a weapon. The clerk challenged the bandit who then lunged at the employee with a pocket knife.The bandit fled after the clerk slapped his neck with the handle of a claw hammer, Brown said. No money was taken in the 8:05 p.m. robbery attempt.

But a robber matching the description got away with less than $100 in a holdup at the Arctic Circle, 135 E. Ninth South, the lieutenant said.

An intoxicated man wearing shades entered the restaurant at 8:20 p.m. and told the clerk he had a gun. Brown said the robber fled on foot with the cash.