An adviser to PLO chairman Yasser Arafat has said the PLO would accept the replacement of Israeli soldiers by U.S. troops in the occupied territories as an interim measure.

"We would accept U.S. troops to take the place of Israeli troops. The moment there are no Israeli troops in the territories, the uprising would stop," Bassam Abu Sherif said.He also said the PLO would accept U.S. and Soviet sponsorship of peace talks.

Abu Sherif, whose statements have often caused controversy in PLO circles, told a group of reporters that as soon as Israel accepted the idea of a Palestinian state, the forum for negotiating a settlement would cease to be important.

"If the United States and the Soviet Union could guarantee the results, the PLO would accept that . . . if both sides accept a two-state solution, then all things are open and the form (of negotiations) becomes unimportant," he said.

The PLO has previously insisted on a U.N.-sponsored conference attended by the five members of the U.N. Security Council and all the parties to the Middle East conflict.

"We want the United States to realize that a Palestinian state will be a factor of stability, not instability. This is the only point we want to establish and we have all the logical and factual ammunition to support that," Abu Sherif said.