A man's home may be his castle in England, but his car . . . that's something else again.

Derrick Gibbs is spending five days behind bars because he apparently felt a private royal visit to his hometown should not keep him from parking in front of his own house.Magistrates in this central England town jailed Gibbs on Monday for failing to pay $40 in fines dating from a visit in September by the Princess of Wales and the Duchess of York.

Princess Diana, wife of the heir to the throne, Prince Charles, and the duchess, the former Sarah Ferguson, were in town to attend a wedding.

Gibbs, a workman, parked his car outside his house on Queen Street although police had temporarily made it a no-parking zone, then refused to pay the fines.

Olivia Pope, a friend of Gibbs, explained, "He parked his car outside his home as a point of principle. He was not going to let the royals attending a private wedding stop him from parking there."