Brigham Young University assistant basketball coach Roger Reid has decided to turn down an offer to hold a similar position at UCLA.

Reid, 40, spent several weeks deliberating over whether to move to UCLA to become an assistant to newly named coach Jim Harrick. But after meetings with BYU Athletic Director Glen Tuckett, President Jeffrey Holland and other officials, Reid decided Wednesday night that he would remain with the Cougars."Yesterday I was going to UCLA," said Reid. "But after visiting with the adminstration - everyone from President Holland down to Glen Tuckett - I feel it's in the best interest for Roger Reid and my family is to stay at BYU."

Reid declined to comment on whether he had been given assurances that he will be the head basketball coach at BYU when Ladell Andersen retires. Andersen has told friends and associates that he plans to coach four more years at BYU. "I'm just going to say this," said Reid. "I just think I'm going be the next coach at BYU. There is no question in my mind that I will be the next basketball coach at BYU."

Indications are strong that Reid will succeed Andersen. Earlier this year the 10-year BYU assistant coach was a finalist for the head coaching job at Weber State. He has been contacted about numerous coaching positions around the country over the years, but has maintained steadfastly that his ultimate goal is to be the head coach at BYU. In recent years Reid has said he would like some "long-term" assurances from BYU about his future.

Reid held several meetings with Tuckett and other officials at BYU and by Wednesday afternoon, had decided to leave. Discussions continued on through the afternoon and evening before he changed his mind.

"The turning point was yesterday. I had gone back and forth and weighed the pluses and minuses and yesterday I was going to UCLA," said Reid. "But I promised Coach Tuckett I was not going make decision until I talked with him again. I visited with him twice yesterday," said Reid.

Turning down the UCLA offer wasn't an easy decision. Harrick reportedly offered Reid a healthy five-figure salary raise and other perks.

Reid expressed regret at having to turn down his longtime friend, Harrick. "I feel very good about my decision. I'm really only hurt that I had to turn down Jim Harrick."