Ever wanted to become the parent of a Wild Child? Now's your chance to adopt through the Hogle Zoo.

Your baby will remain in the care and custody of the Hogle Zoo, but you will receive an adoption certificate, an "I'm the Parent of A Wild Child" pin, recognition on a brand new donor board for one year, a mention in the Hogle Zoo News - and above all the knowledge that you are helping to care for a charming creature.We at the Deseret News Today Section got so excited about the possibilities of "The Week of the Wild Child" (which begins March 27) and the challenge issued by Gov. Norm Bangerter, who is adopting an elephant, that we decided to adopt, too, on a smaller scale. We adopted a Fennec fox.

"All animals meek and wild are available," says Lynn Davis, zoo marketing director. "Consider an adoption for a very unusual present. How about an otter for your daughter, or a llama for your mama?"

There is an animal for every budget. The governor's elephant costs $2,500 per year to maintain. (So does Gorgeous the Gorilla - she'd be my choice if I could afford her.) Our fox can be fed for $50 (dead mice, crickets and dog food being fairly inexpensive).

For $20 you could adopt a flying squirrel, toad or a crested mynah; for $30 an opossum or kingsnake; $40 would get you a skunk; $50 a boa constrictor, racoon or roadrunner; for $100 you could get one of dozens of critters, including a llama, armadillo, giant anteater, flamingo or gazelle.

It only costs $150 for a baboon or a bison; $200 for a bobcat or an alligator; $300 for a kangaroo; $350 for a camel or a zebra; $400 for a giraffe; $500 for a harbor seal.

Cougars, jaguars, leopards and sea lions go for $1,000 and pygmy hippos and chimps are $1,500. The big cats, bears, elephants, hippos, and gorillas are $2,500.

If you can't adopt an entire animal right now, send in a contribution and become a part owner, suggests Davis. For more information call her at 582-1631.

When you come to visit your baby, Davis says, be sure to ask a zookeeper or docent to describe its habits and personality.