Comedian Whoopi Goldberg joined seven battered women in an appeal for action to curb domestic violence. "It's something people don't want to talk about," Goldberg said Monday. "The attitude is, if a man hits his wife, it's his wife. Well, we're here to say we're not anyone's property any more." Goldberg, in Charlotte, N.C., to do her one-woman show "Living on the Edge of Chaos," appeared at a news conference sponsored by the N.C. Coalition Against Domestic Violence. The news conference was called in the wake of a March 10 hostage incident in which a husband held women and children for 13 hours in a battered women's center in Lenoir, about 75 miles northwest of Charlotte. Goldberg said the incident was an example of the pervasiveness of domestic violence. "This is happening in households across the country every day," she said. "This can visit you any time. It could be your sister, your mother, your daughter or son."