A romantic walk in the park that leads to a little public display of affection and suggestions of sex later isn't illegal in Provo City anymore - at least as long as it is not unlawful sexual conduct.

The City Council recently amended the city's description of unlawful sex acts in response to a Utah Supreme Court ruling in January that the Provo ordinance outlawing sexual solicitations was unconstitutional.According to the ruling, the previous ordinance could prohibit a husband and wife from discreetly whispering in public about having sex later.

The amended ordinance makes it unlawful for any person to publicly exhibit or expose his or her genitals or to engage in or to solicit another to engage in any unlawful sexual conduct. The old ordinance made it unlawful to solicit sex acts, regardless of whether they were illegal.

City officials said the law was used by the city in arresting homosexuals soliciting sex in several parks.