Party animals in Provo, beware: You may have to pay for more than just party snacks and favors the next time you have a large and noisy celebration.

The Provo City Council recently amended the city's public disturbance ordinance, which requires the person in charge or the person responsible for the gathering to pay up to $500 when police personnel come a second time to quiet down over-frolicsome behavior.The charge is to pay costs of providing police personnel on special security assignment. The first time an officer responds, a written warning will be given.

Mayor Joe Jenkins said the ordinance is primarily used during the warmer seasons. He said the ordinance may affect some partiers, but it is mainly written to protect neighborhoods where outdoor dances with loud music are held.

A public disturbance occurs when one or more persons are involved in conduct which is in violation of any law, unreasonably threatens to cause a violation, and disturbs or unreasonably threatens to disturb the public peace, health, safety or general welfare of persons in the vicinity of the gathering.

Council Chairman Stan Brown voted against the amendment because he says it may be misused by neighbors who dislike children and complain about the noise they make in the back yard.