It appears that the Easter bunny will bring more than just colored eggs and chocolate treats to Provo schools this year.

Each school will get an extra $1,000 to spend thanks to a $17,000 donation by the state and the Provo School District Foundation."Schools just need some help and this is a good way to do it," said Stan Collins, chairman of the non-profit foundation. "Some schools do not have enough textbooks or computer help or a method of putting on a science fair. The foundation - created by the district - works each year to raise enough money for matching funds established by the state legislature to help supplement the districts' needs.

The foundation raised $8,500 this year by soliciting donations through letters to Provo School District residents. In the past, the organization sponsored concerts or carnivals to raise funds. The foundation has now found that soliciting brings just as much money and is easier.

Each of Provo's 16 schools will receive $1,000, and Oakridge School and the vocational high school will get $500 each.