The Women's Center of Utah Valley Regional Medical Center will be hosting a free class that will address the topics concerning hysterectomy at 7 p.m. Tuesday in the hospital's Clark Auditorium.

The class, which is open to both men and women, will address the physiological changes that accompany the hysterectomy, the emotional adjustment, the support system for the patients, fears that women typically have about the surgery and the positive aspects of a hysterectomy.Susan Hunt, director of the UVRMC/OCH Women's Center, said that this topic has been chosen because there is a certain amount of emotional adjustment that every woman has to deal with following this operation. This may include the feeling of the loss of a body part, which in turn can cause a grieving process, loss or felt loss of femininity, or a change in the image of one's body.

For more information about these lectures and other services offered by the UVRMC Women's Center, call 379-7185.