OK, so the daily Eastern strike news is getting old.

The good news in the aviation department is that flight delays are being grounded. And Salt Lake International Airport turned in a stellar performance last year as the nation's top on-time airport.According to Airport Director Lou Miller, for seven months in 1988 Salt Lake was No. 1 for on-time operations among the nation's 27 largest airports.

Throughout the country last year, air travelers should have felt a little bit less rushed getting back to the office. According to the Federal Aviation Administration, delays last year hit the lowest level since 1985.

FAA figures show that flight delays of 15 minutes or more in 1988 were down 5.1 percent from the 1987 total. Weather and traffic volumes were the major causes of delays last year, accounting for 65.2 percent and 27.2 percent of the total. Other causes of delays were airport construction and equipment outages.

There were 272,214 delays of 15 minutes or more at the nation's 22 major airports, out of a total of 9.4 million operations. That averages out to 2.9 percent of all operations at these airports.