A British Airways Concorde jet with 100 well-heeled passengers aboard - mostly Americans - will make the first all-supersonic flight around the world beginning April 1, the British airline announced.

The three-week trip, covering 38,215 miles in a planned total flying time of 35 hours and 1 minute, could create more than a dozen world speed records, British Airways said. The average speed of the supersonic jet will be 1,091.3 miles per hour.The trip will start in London on April 1 and finish there on April 23.

The Concorde aircraft, part of British Airways' fleet, has been chartered by Lorraine Travel Bureau Inc., a tour operator based in Miami. The fare is $39,000 per person based on double occupancy or $40,500 for a single passenger.

The round-trip fare on normal Concorde flights, between New York and London for example, is around $6,400.

The fare for the special trip includes luxury hotels, meals and sightseeing in most of the cities where the Concorde will stop on its way around the world. Other cities will only be fuel stops.

The trip itinerary and planned flying times are:

-London to New York, departs April 1, flying time of three hours and 20 minutes.

-New York to Acapulco, Mexico, April 1, two hours and 53 minutes.

-Acapulco to Oakland, Calif., April 3, two hours and nine minutes.

-Oakland to Honolulu, April 3, two hours and 17 minutes.

-Honolulu to Papeete, Tahiti, April 5, two hours and 28 minutes.

-Papeete to Christchurch, New Zealand, April 8, two hours and 38 minutes.

-Christchurch to Sydney, Australia, April 12, one hour and 26 minutes.

-Sydney to Perth, Australia, April 14, two hours and 40 minutes.

-Perth to Colombo, Sri Lanka, April 15, three hours and 19 minutes.

-Colombo to Mombasa, Kenya, April 17, two hours and 27 minutes.

-Mombasa to Cape Town, South Africa, April 20, two hours and 41 minutes.

-Cape Town to Monrovia, Liberia, April 23, three hours and six minutes.

-Monrovia to London, April 23, three hours and 27 minutes.