The son of a movie actress and television producer died in Salt Lake City Monday night following a beating Saturday at a dance club in West Valley City.

A suspect in the slaying was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail Monday.Malik Smith, 18, was pronounced dead at University Hospital just before 7 p.m. Monday. He was the son of Beverly Todd, a movie actress, and television director Kris Kaiser.

Smith came to Utah for an annual ski vacation along with two friends Saturday morning. The three went to Club 35, at 19th West and 35th South in West Valley, where Smith was assaulted, apparently after asking some of the arrested man's girlfriends to dance.

West Valley Detective Thayle "Buzz" Nielsen said Smith was hit once in the face, then kicked in the face after he had fallen to the floor.

The victim's mother was in New York promoting the film "Lean on Me," in which she plays an assistant principal, when she heard about the incident and came to Salt Lake City, as did the victim's father.