State spending for education in Utah during fiscal 1987-88 totaled more than $1.6 billion, and more than three-fourths of that amount - $1.3 billion - came from state and local tax revenues.

The total expenditures on education in 1987-88 were about the same as the year before. The 1986-87 figures, however, represented considerable federal funding that was not reflected in the 1987-88 expeditures.The remaining $352 million came from tuition, federal aid and charges for services, according to a Utah Foundation report.

Of the total, nearly $1.2 billion was spent by local school districts and $339 million went to finance higher education at the state's nine colleges and universities. The remaining $104 million was used to operate the State Office of Education as well as state-operated vocational centers, skill centers and schools for the deaf and blind.

Current expenditures per pupil averaged $2,361 during the year, with per-pupil costs generally running much higher in rural districts than in the more populous urban centers. For example, spending per pupil varied from a low of $2,085 in the Alpine District to highs of $5,128 in the Daggett District and $5,239 in the Tintic District. Average daily attendance in the Alpine District was 34,293, compared with average attendance of 167 and 190 in the Daggett and Tintic districts.

More than two-thirds of current expenditures went for instructional purposes during the year. Other significant areas of spending include plant operation and maintenance, 11.7 percent; administration, 7.5 percent; pupil services, including transportation, 5.7 percent; and instructional staff services, 4.2 percent.