Cottonwood Hospital

FICKLIN, Todd and Melanie, Salt Lake City, boy.GODFREY, Richard and Stacie, West Jordan, boy.

JENSEN, Jerry and barbara, Salt Lake City, girl.

LAURO, Dr. L. William and Melissa, Salt Lake City, boy.

LIU, Hsieng-Ming and Yuhsiu Elsa, Salt Lake City, girl.

LUND, Taun Gary and Cheryl, Riverton, boy.

MITCHELL, David and Noreen, Salt Lake City, boy.

RUESCH, T. Joe and Sammee, Salt Lake City, girl.

WATTS, Gary and Shawna, Salt Lake City, girl.

WORTHEN, Forrest and Vanessa, Midvale, girl.

Holy Cross Hospital-

BISHOP, Brad and Lisa, boy.

BLAZZARD, Barry and Jamie, boy.

JACOBS, Harvey and Linda, boy.

JOHNSON, Troy and Anne, boy.

MADISON, Patricia, boy.

MCGINTY, Jerry and Debi, boy.

MEMMOTT, Nathan and Stefanie, boy.

PEDERSEN, Jeff and Susan, boy.

PENDLETON, Tom and Jill, girl.

POTTER, Steven and Cheryl, boy.

PRAWITT, Gregory J., and Tonya, girl.

ROBERTSON, Troy and Candi, boy.

SAINSBURY, Gary and Marvel, girl.

WALKER, Chris and Cynthia, boy.

WHITE, Edward Mike and Lori Ann, boy.

WYKSTRA, Andy and Ann, boy.

Lakeview Hospital-

BEGAY, Emberson and Ellen, Bountiful, boy.

LDS Hospital-

CASPER, Bruce and Rachel, boy.

GONZALES, Rudy and Katy Jo, boy.

HAUSER, Cheryl, girl.

LEARY, Peter and Kerry, boy.

MOURITSEN, Jed L. and Annette, boy.

MULLINER, Todd D. and Tandy, girl.

OMINSKI, Paul and Shelley, boy.

OWEN, David and Shauna, girl.

PRESTON, Stephen and Sharon, boy.

PRITCHELL, Mark and Tenesa, girl.

WILLIAMS, Thomas and Liesel, boy.

St. Mark's Hospital-

BARMAN, Dr. Thomas and Carol, Salt Lake City, girl.

CARLSON, Brett and Stefanie, Heber City, girl.

FISHBURN, Bryan and Charlotte, Salt Lake City, boy.

GUIMON, John and Shauna, Salt Lake City, girl.

HODGES, Stephen and Stacey, Salt Lake City, boy.

University Medical Center-

CHIU, Yuan and Li-Ling, boy.

DEYOUNG, Cory and Kimberly, boy.

EHINGER, Tim and Shelley, boy.

SHAW, Ralph and Alma, boy.