Rep. Howard C. Nielson, R-Utah, has co-sponsored two new bills affecting the tobacco industry.

One would restrict types of advertising known to attract the attention of children, and the other would give regulatory authority of tobacco to the Food and Drug Administration instead of the Treasury Department's Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agency."It just makes sense for tobacco to be regulated by an agency with the general mission of caring for the health of the people, Nielson said, regarding his bill to change who regulates tobacco.

"The bill would not ban tobacco products but would - for the first time - give a specific regulatory agency authority over tobacco products in such areas as manufacture, labeling, distributing, sale and promotion," he said.

The second bill would restrict some forms of promotion of tobacco products. Called the Children's Health Protection Act, it would restrict the use of models, slogans, scenes and color - but still allow text-only advertisements.

Earlier this year, Nielson also signed on as a co-sponsor to a House version of a bill to ban smoking on all airline flights - not just those lasting two hours or less. Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, is a main sponsor of similar legislation in the Senate.