The government on Thursday subpoenaed eight Navajos, including Tribal Chairman Peter MacDonald, to show cause why the tribe failed to comply with an earlier subpoena, an attorney said.

Albert Hale, who represents Leonard Haskie, the interim chairman-designate, and other dissidents on the Tribal Council, said the hearing would take place Friday in U.S. District Court in Phoenix.Haskie also was subpoenaed, Hale said.

He identified the others as Vice Chairman Johnny Thompson; Irving Billy, designated as vice chairman to serve with Haskie; Attorney General Michael Upshaw, and Wilbur Pioche, William Morgan and Tom Meiers, all of the tribe's administration and finance department.

A federal grand jury has been asked to look into dealings of the MacDonald administration, including the tribe's July 1987 purchase of the Big Bouquillas Ranch for $33.4 million.

Witnesses at a recent U.S. Senate hearing said MacDonald shared in the $7.2 million profit realized by two non-Indians when the 491,000-acre ranch was purchased and resold within hours.