Seven south-central Utah high schools have selected candidates for the annual Sterling Scholars of Central Utah program.

Two of the schools, Richfield High School and Millard High School in Fillmore, selected nominees in all 12 categories.South Sevier High School in Monroe and Juab High School in Nephi nominated 11 students, Gunnison High School chose 10, Wayne High selected five, and three were chosen at North Sevier High School in Salina. Competing are:

North Sevier High School Jennifer Christine Sorensen, Mr. and Mrs. Randy Sorensen, English and literature; Anndrea Rasmussen, Mr. and Mrs. Brad Rasmussen, speech and drama; and Brent David Hales, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hales, music.

Wayne High School Michelle Mecham, Mr. and Mrs. Randy Mecham, English and literature; Jed Pace, Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Pace, vocational education; Julie Hitlon, Mr. and Mrs. Blaine Hilton, homemaking; Cory Don Blackburn, Mr. and Mrs. George Blackburn, music; and Natalie Noyes, Mr. and Mrs. Don Noyes, business education.

South Sevier High School Tonia R. Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Larry M. Jones, English and literature; Lance J. Hamblin, Mr. and Mrs. Ron Hamblin, speech and drama; Bob Nell, Norma Nell, mathematics; Justin Rowley, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Rowley, social science; Sharon Sam, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Sam and foster daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Larry M. Jones, foreign language; Jennifer Jenkins, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Jenkins, art and art crafts.

Also, Michael Lunt, Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Lunt, vocational education; Sharon Thurman, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas H. Thurman, home making; Lauri Gay, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Gay, business education; Brett David Littke, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Richard Littke, music; and David M. Meanea, Pat Meanea and Sherry Meanea, general scholarship.

Richfield High School Loni Anderson, Mrs. Laprele Olsen and Jerry Anderson, English and literature; John Hurst, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde J. Hurst, speech and drama; Brad Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Jerald Johnson, mathematics; Jimmy Morrison, Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Morrison, social sciences; Michael Eyre, Mr. and Mrs. Gayle Eyre, science; Kenda Hansen, Mr. and Mrs. Sterling Hansen, foreign language; Tiffany Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Clarin Johnson, art and art crafts.

Also, Clinton Bastian, Mr. and Mrs. Alma Bastian, vocational education; Cynthia Bush, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford M. Bush, homemaking; Kalene Kimball, Mr. and Mrs. Kay Kimball, business education; Paula Sedgewick, Mr. and Mrs. LaMar Sedgewick, music; and Lance Harrison, Mr. and Mrs. Byron Harrison, general scholarship.

Millard High School Bonnie Baugh, Mr. and Mrs. Duane R. Baugh, English and literature; Sandi Davies, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Davies, speech and drama; Tami Rasmussen, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Rasmussen, mathematics; Julie Limberg, Dr. and Mrs. David G. Limberg, social science; Lonnie Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. David G. Limburg, social science; Lonnie Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Dexter Anderson, science; Loren Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick Taylor, foreign language; Jennifer Wright, Mr. and Mrs. Bill N. Wright, art and art crafts.

Also, Glen Swallow, Mr. and Mrs. Kent Swallow, vocational education; Tonya Strong, Dawn Strong, homemaking; Kelli Hansen, Mr. and Mrs. John L. Hansen, business education; Polly Zeigler, Mr. and Mrs. Ken Zeigler, music; and Bobbie Wood, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wood, general scholarship.

Gunnison Valley High School Ronda Christensen, Mr. and Mrs. David Christensen, English and literature; Tammy Frandsen, Mr. and Mrs. Doug Frandsen, speech and drama; Bobbie Jo Hansen, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Hansen, mathematics; Gordon Rosenlund, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Rosenlund, social science; Taunya Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Rex Brown, science.

Also, Kristina Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Anderson, art and art crafts; Beth Sorensen, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sorensen, homemaking; Susan Bartholomew, Mr. and Mrs. Keith Bartholomew, business education; Lauri Goble, Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Goble, music; and Merrill Squire, Mr. and Mrs. Nolan Squire, general scholarship.

Juab High School Christene Sperry, drama; Jodee Johnson, languages; Marla Everitt, music; AnnMarie Trauntvein, general scholarship; Denise Higginson, home economics; Kathleen Terry, English and literature; Brandon Howard, mathematics; Kecia Phillips, science; Ron Greenhalgh, vocational education; Michele Wilkerson, business; and Rhonda Allred, visual arts.