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Naples (Fla.) Daily NewsA national coalition of freethinkers has asked the U.S. hotel industry to banish the Bible from guest rooms, calling it "gruesome . . . bedside reading."

Hotels should reject this silly notion, and visitors could reinforce that by letting hotel managers know how they feel.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation, a Wisconsin-based group, asks major hotel chains to provide a courtesy similar to the one granted non-smokers: Bible-free rooms for those who don't want to indulge in scripture.

Read on: The foundation's gospel gets sillier. "The Bible makes gruesome, unsavory bedtime reading," said the foundation." . . . The Bible also offends by its often pornographic and bloodthirsty language."

"If someone truly cannot survive without a daily dose of scriptures, we feel sure they will take precautions and travel with their Bibles. The rest of us deserve a vacation from mindless religious proselytizing when we are on our vacations," it said.

Wisely, the Holiday Inn chain, the largest in the country, says it will have no part of that. "The Bibles," the chain said, "are (and will be) in the rooms, and it's a matter of freedom of choice if someone wants to read them,"

Of course. Even an anti-religious foundation should know that no one forces a hotel guest to open a drawer and read a book that is discreetly inside.