The Utah County Republican Party's new chairman says the primary goal of the party during the next two years will be to govern itself.

Wayne Watson, elected March 11 to the two-year position, said he will have to work hard to find candidates who consistently mirror the wants of Utah County Republicans."We need to be cautious about whom we select to fill elected positions from our area."

Because the Republican Party dominates county politics, he said, "we need to make sure our representatives support sound principles that reflect the goals of the people in this county."

Watson began his term during the party's convention last weekend. Sue Arseneau took over as party vice chairwoman, and Monteen Gordon was elected the party's secretary.

Watson has previously worked as county attorney and within the party has been involved in public relations.

He said one of the party's biggest obstacles will be overcoming voter apathy in a non-presidential election year. The party's ability to get voters in the most recent election earned the party a $10,000 award from the National Republican Party. That prize makes up almost half of the party's current budget, which will be augmented by annual Lincoln Day dinners and a door-to-door fund-raising effort.

At this point in the political ball game, Watson said the majority of work is being devoted to training county officers and area and district chairmen in their responsibilities. "We're pursuing a program that educates those chosen to serve on the party's constitution."