The identities of undercover narcotics agents photographed after a Feb. 1 high-speed chase and drug bust appear not to be compromised, the assistant Layton city attorney has assured the City Council.

Assistant City Attorney Steve Garside told the council last week his investigation into the Feb. 1 incident shows television and newspaper photos of the agents exist but will probably not be made public.The incident started with an aborted drug arrest, involving a confidential informant and members of the Davis Metro Narcotics Strike Force, in Layton and ended after a chase at speeds of up to 100 mph on I-15 in Farmington.

During the arrest, a KUTV news cameraman was harassed by the police, and a Deseret News photographer's camera and film were confiscated. The equipment was returned intact about two hours later after intervention by the Davis County attorney's office.

Garside's investigation was to determine if either the TV stations's videotape or the newspaper's photos compromised the identity of either the informant or any of the undercover agents.

Garside told the council he viewed the videotape, including the portions not used on the air, and the Deseret News photos.

He's confident none of the Layton undercover officers will have their identities revealed, Garside said, but told the council he can't speak for officers from other agencies.