The results of the Davis School District census may be a little longer in coming than officials first expected.

Superintendent Richard Kendell said that 55-60 percent of the homes in the county have been canvassed, but the final count is not expected until June."It has been an enormous task," he said.

Officials hoped the census, which began in late November, would be ready by the first of the year. But volunteers who have gone door-to-door found it to be a bigger job than they expected. The timing of the census - during the holidays - also made it difficult to contact some of the respondents.

"We are going to organize wave two. We are going to recruit some new volunteers," Kendell said, congratulating the work of volunteers, some who personally contacted up to 100 households.

Census forms from all 45 elementary school areas in the district had been scanned by a computer and "holes" in the census will be identified and volunteers assigned to go to the missed households. There are an estimated 65,000 households in Davis County.

The census was commissioned to help get more accurate data about school-age population growth in Davis County. Officials hope to use data in making decisions about school boundaries and scheduling changes. However, Kendell said that some of the decisions may have to be made without the census data.

Davis School District is one of the fastest growing in the state, adding more than 1,500 students to its rolls this year. The district is expected to add 8,000 more students by 1996 or 1997.