The FJA business climate survey has been sent to 4,300 firms statewide.

The results of the survey will be reported May 9 in Salt Lake City at a business conference, "Utah Nexus," said David Breen, a director of JBH Associates, a Salt Lake career and consulting firm that is co-sponsoring the survey and the conference.A letter sent with the survey points out that much of the recent discussion on Utah's business climate has overlooked the potential for expanding current business operations.

"To better understand the opportunities associated with connecting Utah business, we need to discover what direction major Utah companies are going to take over the next few years and whether smaller business firms in the state can capitalize on these directions," said the letter, written by David Rogers, project director.

Rogers, a Utah State University Extension community resource development specialist, and Marion Bentley, USU Extension human resource analyst, are conducting the survey through USU's Business and Economic Development Services.