The recently organized American Fork Arts Council has filled several positions on its board, according to Lori England, president.

Other members of the executive board are Sharon Larson, vice president; Christine Price, secretary; Brenda Billings, treasurer; and Paul Larson, historian.Other members and their assignments are Darcia Pinette, publicity; Natalie Southwick, promotion; Elva Jean Thornton, fund raising; and Louise Day, hospitality. Denise and Cory Adams will serve as in-house photographers. Dr. Robert Pope will represent the American Fork Civic Choir on the council.

Other board members are Kim and Carol Brewster, Doug Jolley, Cathy Johnston, Walter Wright and David England. Lori England said the council is glad to have these members in place but could still use willing volunteers.

"If we can get the foundation in place," she said, "the council can grow and blossom into a fine cultural contributor to the community."

Grants from the Utah Arts Council and American Fork City began funding for the council.