The idea of a guy writing a book about his heart attack and quadruple by-pass surgery conjures up memories of President Lyndon Johnson sitting up in a hospital bed to show surgery scars on his flabby tummy. Perhaps too personal.

But Larry King, the national radio-television talk show host extraordinaire, displays plenty of heart and soul in revealing his story, a human story.With B.D. Colen, science editor at Newsday, King openly tells of his fear of dying after his heart attack on Feb. 24, 1987.

In a fast-pace style reminiscent of a King interview, he also tells how he re-evaluated life after the attack and how he agonized over whether to follow doctor's advice and have by-pass surgery.

Finally, with the support of family and friends, from Frank Sinatra to Angie Dickinson to Mario Cuomo, he did so, on Dec. 1, 1987.

King's book could be a helpful guide to other heart attack survivors. And it may literally help others obtain surgery. All proceeds from the book go to the Larry King Cardiac Foundation, established to assist needy people who require heart surgery.