Midvale and Sandy city officials are negotiating over 600 feet of dirt.

The Midvale City Council will meet behind closed doors Tuesday night in an executive session to discuss selling Cy's Road, from Seventh to 10th East at 88th South, to Sandy."It's access to our reservoir and Sandy City reservoirs," said Midvale Councilman George Deneris. "It's a little bit of a complicated problem because there's a condominium development that wants access and that road would provide access."

Sandy has offered $1,000 for the 600-foot-long by 44-feet-wide dirt road, and Midvale council members will discuss that offer at the meeting.

"We're going to have a closed session because it involves the possible sale of some real estate," said Deneris.

The property is roughly half an acre, and Sandy's token payment is combined with an offer to improve the stretch. "It's a little island right in the middle of Sandy," he said.

"At this point, it would be made a public street, public access so that 600 feet would become a public road. Then that condominium development would provide access.

"It would be the owners of the condominium development that would stand the cost of putting all the improvements in. And then it would be dedicated to Sandy City as a Sandy City road."