The city's municipal power plant is now free of hazardous PCBs, following a three-year testing and removal program that exceeded the standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

According to John Mohlman, general manager of the Murray City Power Department, the utility embarked on the cleanup program in 1985 to comply with EPA regulations that require the removal of PCBs of 500 parts per million or greater."Clean-up requirements for 50 parts per million or 500 parts per million are essentially the same, and the clean-up risk and environmental danger outweighed the benefit of leaving the contaminated equipment in our system," Mohlman said.

Not only is Murray in compliance with EPA standards, but precautionary measures have been taken to totally remove the threat of PCBs in the future.

"We are one of the very few electric utility systems in the United States that has completed this extraordinary feat, and we are proud of our accomplishment," Mohland added.