The City Council has set the ink on the city's new blue and green signature.

The logo has a triangle and two bars, representing nearby mountains, over the word "Orem." Underneath is a curvy line representing the Provo River, and below that a triangle symbolizing Utah Lake."The word Orem and the squiggly line will be a light navy, and the triangles and bars will be emerald green," said Bob Henrie, president of R&R Advertising, the Salt Lake firm that designed the logo.

The design was developed to reflect the area's natural beauty, although Henrie conceded no one ever guesses what the parts mean. "It is a strong graphic design, and people have responded to that," he said.

The logo will be used on city letterheads, car doors and business cards, among other things.

Logos help unify city departments and speed recognition of the city's influence. All department will be expected to use the new logo.

"Some departments already have their own logos," City Manager Daryl Berlin said. "We will have to decide if we can integrate the logos, or if we should just use the new one."

Berlin said the Orem Fitness Center had just paid to have a new logo designed.

"Perhaps they can use their logo for promotion and ours for official correspondence," he said.

City Councilman Keith Hunt noted that blue and green are Orem's official colors, but the shades in the city flag are not the same ones used in the logo.

"If you want to use the same shades, you'll have to use lime green and sky blue. I don't think that will give the world a great impression of Orem."

Mayor Blaine Willes said perhaps the council next should rethink the flag.