Milton Berle says his mother was the ultimate stage mother, so overbearing that she wrecked his first marriage and ultimately turned him into a philanderer. "She made Gypsy Rose Lee's mother look like Mary Poppins," Berle says in Parade magazine, referring to the stripper and subject of the Broadway hit "Gypsy." "My mother never resented me going out with a girl," the 80-year-old comedian says. "But if I had more than three dates with one girl, Mama found some way to break it up." She also caused Berle to become a ladies' man, he says. "When I got to be about 18 or 20, I got to thinking that maybe people thought I was a mama's boy and a sissy. Maybe I had to prove my manhood to the outside world that always saw me with my mother and wearing dresses in my act. I had a lot of girlfriends," he said. In 1941, Berle married a showgirl, Joyce Matthews, "but I don't think she could go up against my mother, who was much stronger." The couple divorced in 1947, remarried two years later and divorced a second time in 1950. "I didn't know who to please, Joyce or my mother," Berle said.