The chairman and former chairman of the Cache County Council disagree over whether a state liquor license should be allowed at the Sherwood Hills Resort in Wellsville Canyon.

The City Council in 1987 adopted an ordinance that provided for sale of alcohol in the unincorporated area, but it has never approved any state license. However, state law allows brown-bagging - restaurant patrons can bring their own liquor.At a meeting Thursday sponsored by the Cache County Democratic Women, former chairman Jay Monson, a Republican, said, "The Sherwood Hills owners have agreed that if a license is issued they will not allow people to bring their own liquor and experts tend to agree that would give us the control that we don't have now."

Dennis Funk, chairman and one of two Democrats on the seven-member council, said he has been consistent in his votes against sale of alcohol, and he cites the cost of social problems associated with alcohol abuse.

"I am not convinced that less liquor would be consumed with a license in place, and with alcohol available, it could tempt some people to take their first drink," he said.

Although Funk said he sees a license as a "concession to one business," Monson said the county has helped other businesses through industrial revenue bonds and relaxed environmental requirements.

Funk said each time the issue is discussed publicly, he gets more calls from people supporting his view, and, "I'm sure those on the other side get similar calls, and this tends to make us more polarized.

"I believe in time we can reach a solution we all feel good about, if this polarization does not continue," he said.