Fred Astaire's widow has filed a $10 million libel lawsuit against Globe International magazine for allegedly describing her as a reclusive, greedy slob. The magazine's Jan. 31 editions featured an article titled "Fred Astaire's Widow Is Living In A Dump" citing sources identified only as an "insider" and a "pal," according to the lawsuit filed in Superior Court on Thursday. The article said Robyn Astaire is bitter about not inheriting Astaire's full estate, that she has let the couple's home fall into disrepair and that friends have abandoned her, the lawsuit said. The story also said Mrs. Astaire's home isn't cleaned regularly and that its cupboards are bare, the lawsuit said. "Plaintiff is not a miserly eccentric who is stingy in the upkeep of her house and who refused to buy food," the lawsuit said. Globe International officials couldn't immediately be reached for comment. Astaire, the debonair dancing star of such films as "Top Hat" and "The Gay Divorcee," died at age 88 in 1987.