President Bush announced the nomination of Adm. Hames Busey to head the Federal Aviation Administration on Friday as he moved to fill a batch of sub-Cabinet positions in the Department of Transportation.

Busey, 56, entered the Navy in 1952 and has been commander in chief of U.S. naval forces in Europe since 1987. He was a vice chief of naval operations from 1985 to 1987.The White House also announced the nominations of:

-Philip Brady, a Bush aide who most recently served as a deputy assistant to the president and director of Cabinet affairs, as general counsel of the Transportation Department.

-David Prosperi, a former spokesman for President Reagan, vice presidential nominee Dan Quayle and the Bush-Quayle campaign, as assistant secretary for public affairs.

-Galen Reser, a former aide to Illinois Gov. James Thompson and Sen. Charles Percy, R-Ill., as assistant secretary for governmental affairs.