To the editor:

I have to wonder how the political editor of a major daily newspaper could survive without injecting some humor into his coverage - particularly when it involves the annual Utah Legislature with its myriad of do-nothing sessions. During these 60 days, I would think life often would become boring, tedious and frustrating to a writer.I take exception to A. Leslie Derbyshire's chastisement of Deseret News Political Editor Bob Bernick Jr. I think he has a refreshing style of reporting political happenings in the state and during the Legislature.

Often, in political matters, the only way a writer can convert ordinarily dull matters into palatable readership is to attack them with a sense of humor. I think Bernick has fine expertise in this area.

After all, as editor, he is also a columnist. And throughout newspaper history a columnist, as I understand it, has the liberty within boundaries to create a style of writing that readers enjoy.

When a situation calls for serious thought, I think Bernick gets serious enough. But when situations become ridiculous or laughable, as they often do in the political arena, thank goodness we have a writer who can dish up some light, humorous material. If politicians can't laugh at themselves once in awhile, they're in the wrong business.

Sam Weller

Salt Lake City