To the editor:

Recently, you printed a letter of mine that you cut off (butchered) before my closing remarks. I felt it made me look as stupid as telling a joke without a punch line.Please refrain from "Communist bloc" editing techniques of printing only what you want. Let people know when something is cut, especially when it changes the tone or content of their article. If there's not room to print the whole letter, don't print half of it without stating this was done. Better still, please wait for another day when you do have space for the entire article.

Christine Probst

West Jordan

Editor's note: The letter in question was lengthy and was trimmed by a few lines, not "half." The "punch lines" at the end did not differ substantially from the rest of the letter and their elimination did not change the tone or meaning. Space is limited and in fairness to other writers, all long letters are edited.