She's one of those singers who doesn't need to use her last name. Say "Reba" and anyone with an ear for country music knows who you mean.

And on March 22, Reba McEntire will be singing at 8 p.m. in the Huntsman Special Events Center.A former rodeo cowgirl, McEntire has become known as "the hardest working singer on tour." Her true claim to fame, however, lies in the vulnerability, love notes and wonderful control of her voice. When she flutters down a scale it sends chills.

Her awards and hits run on for pages. Highlights in her career include songs such as "I Know How He Feels," "Little Rock," "Somebody Should Leave" and "Whoever's in New England."

Ricky Van Shelton will also be performing with McEntire. Van Shelton's recent cover version of "From a Jack to a King" has crystalized his position as the new, young, male vocalist to reckon with.

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