Utah wanted to sell 214 once-in-a-lifetime moose permits, but Friday's drawing left 14 tags to hunt moose next fall still unclaimed, the state Wildlife Resources Division said.

Only one of the unsold permits is for a bull moose, and the other 13 are for cows, said division spokesman Steve Phillips. But that one license for a bull and two of the antlerless permits must go to out-of-state hunters."So, we're going to offer them on a first-come, first-served basis, beginning next Monday," said Phillips.

But, there is a catch. The only way to apply for the permits is by mail, and Utahns seeking the 11 antlerless permits, which can include bull calves, must have a state big game or combination license and send in a check for $202 for the moose tag.

Out-of-state hunters need to send in a certified check or money order for $1,122 to cover the $1,002 moose tag and $120 for a Utah nonresident big game license.