A substitute teacher who disciplined a student by using the boy to mop up a puddle of the boy's urine has been barred from further teaching in the Jordan District.

However, the teacher told district officials Monday that the student had purposely urinated in a classroom and had not asked to be allowed to go to a restroom, as the student's father claimed.The teacher, Dale Jaussi, told Superintendent Raymond Whittenburg that the 15-year-old student, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Kirk, 1578 E. 8560 South, was given more than one opportunity to clean up the mess he had made.

There was nothing available to clean up the urine, and Jaussi suggested the boy take off his coat, use it as a mop, then take it home and have it washed. When the boy refused, Jaussi said, he lost his temper, got on his knees, pulled the boy to the floor and rolled him back and forth in the puddle until the urine was absorbed.

Jaussi denied that he had pulled the boy to the principal's office by the hair.

Jaussi acknowledged that losing his temper was not the proper reaction, but decried the fact that the student has become a school hero of sorts, despite his uncouth actions.

He recounted other incidents, including students performing sex acts in class, in which no discipline was given or in which the consequences were so mild as to be inconsequential. He said students flaunt this laxness on the part of school officials.

The teacher told officials he has been frustrated with lack of discipline in the schools. Other teachers have offered support of his position.

Regardless, school officials said the teacher's overreaction could not be tolerated and he will be removed from the lists of substitute teachers in the district.

"The teacher acted wrongly and because of that we could not continue to use him as an employee," Whittenburg said.

The boy's parents have threatened legal action. Neither Jaussi nor the parents answered phone calls from the Deseret News Tuesday morning.