Despite public and private efforts to curb costs, spending for health care claimed 11.1 percent of the gross national product in 1987, the most recent year for which full figures are available, reports a medical journal.

The 1987 figure is up from 10.7 percent in 1986 and 9.1 percent in 1980, according to Family Practice News, which says hospital care accounted for the largest share (39 percent) of the nation's health spending in 1987, while physicians' services accounted for 20 percent, and nursing homes 8 percent.Medicare benefit outlays totaled almost $80 billion in fiscal 1987, an increase of 7.7 percent over the previous year. Medicare outlays for hospital benefits increased at a rate of less than 2 percent, while payments for physicians' services continued to increase at a double-digit pace.

The publication notes that over the next 10 years - even without any program expansions - Medicare spending for physicians' services will triple.