"It would be focused on Yellowstone as sort of a generic example of how fire is an important element of the natural system," he said. "It is also (about) how man attempts to suppress fires."

The game might be programmed to give players a chance to set certain variables that affect how fires burn, Robinson said, such as wind speed and available moisture.

"It might have a number of `what ifs' such that a person sitting at his computer screen could modify history by getting into a scenario of significantly more rain than we actually had during the summer or no high winds to see how that might affect the progress of the fire or fires collectively," he said.

Proceeds from the sale of the game are to be used for recovery and interpretative work at the park, Robinson said.

He added the park has also approached a company that produces mobiles to create a fire-related mobile to offer in park bookstores.

"It would feature the central element, a flame or perhaps a flaming tree, and about the central element would move a number of fire-dependent species, plants and animals," he said.

The mobile would be sold with an interpretive message that could be read as purchasers assemble the mobile, he added.