First District Judge Gordon Low has set a March 20 sentencing for a 40-year-old Perry man convicted on charges he operated a drug-manufacturing lab out of his Box Elder County garage.

The eight-member jury deliberated just one hour and 40 minutes Thursday before finding Michael Lewis Green guilty on charges of drug manufacturing and drug possession with intent to distribute.Green, also known as James Douglas, remained in the Box Elder County Jail. Federal prosecutors have placed a hold on the defendant, who is a suspect in an unrelated California narcotics case.

He was arrested Sept. 15, 1988, following an investigation resulting from a tip provided by Andy Pommier, Brigham City assistant fire marshal.

Pommier was hired by Green to handle a home remodeling job. While working at the residence, Pommier discovered the laboratory in the garage and alerted lawmen.

Officers said they seized $600,000 worth of methamphetamines from Green's residence and $90,000 worth of lab equipment and chemicals.

The state Tax Commission also has filed a $217.6 million claim against Green for failure to purchase state drug stamps. Utah law requires people possessing illegal drugs to purchase the stamps.

And the Utah attorney general's office has started property forfeiture proceedings against Green's home, its furnishings and his vehicles. Utah drugs laws allow seizure of convicted drug dealers' personal property.