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HIJACKED: A Bosnian refugee, determined to call attention to the relentless slaughter in his country, hijacked an airliner only to surrender when he believed the world heard his plea. The 25-year-old man, identified by the news media as Haris Kec, claimed to have a hand grenade Thursday when he commandeered an SAS airliner with 129 people aboard on a domestic flight between two towns north of the Arctic Circle. After releasing women, children and older men, he forced the plane to fly south to an airport near the Norwegian capital of Oslo. He then surrendered peacefully after a standoff, saying his plea for help to Bosnia had been heard.FRANCE: Paris Mayor Jacques Chirac declared his candidacy for president Friday, intensifying the kind of struggle on the right that led to a Socialist victory in 1988. Chirac has increasingly sparred with Prime Minister Edouard Balladur, who is undeclared but whose lead in the polls has dwindled because of Cabinet scandals and stubbornly high unemployment less than six months from the race.

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INDICTED: In what authorities call a "major blow" to organized crime in New England, 13 reputed members of the Genovese crime family have been indicted on charges of illegal gambling, loan sharking and racketeering in Connecticut and Massachusetts. All but one of the defendants have been arrrested since the indictments were secretly handed up Tuesday by a federal grand jury in New Haven, Conn., the U.S. attorney's office said Thursday. If convicted, each could get up to 20 years in prison.

OUSTED: Montana prisons chief Mickey Gamble was ousted Thursday after creating an uproar by taking three female inmates - including a murderer and a throat-slasher - to a Red Lobster restaurant for dinner. Gov. Marc Racicot said Gamble's decision to take the inmates out to dinner Oct. 20 "went beyond the bounds of propriety." Gamble said the dinner was part of a program aimed at rewarding inmates for good behavior. "I made a serious judgment error," Gamble said in his resignation letter. Word of the dinner leaked out after an old high school teacher of one of the inmates - a woman who got a life sentence for killing her husband - saw them at the restaurant.