Several Casper grocery stores were pulling "Squeeze-It" fruit drink from their shelves Friday after a Casper boy was treated for possible poisoning after drinking some of the juice.

Officials at Albertson's, Safeway and Buttrey grocery stores in Casper said they have taken the drinks off of shelves in the wake of the suspected poisoning of a 2-year-old boy on Thursday.Casper police said the boy was treated and released from Wyoming Medical Center Thursday night after sipping the fruit juice, which the boy's mother said smelled like nail polish remover.

Lt. Judi Cashel said the bottle was being analyzed to determine what the substance is and how it got in the bottle.

"It could be an isolated incident. It doesn't have to be a nationwide problem," said Lt. Bill Barnes. "That's what I'm hoping. The (Chilean) grape thing could have started it.

"I'm hoping it's isolated. We haven't had contaminated products for quite a while," he said.