The Bureau of Land Management's Salt Lake District has announced the release of the final Skull Valley Exchange Environmental Assessment.

The document analyzes the agency's plan to sign an agreement with the Skull Valley Company to exchange a little over 32 square miles of underdeveloped lands in Tooele County.Under the agreement, the BLM would amend its Tooele Management Framework Plan so that 10,858 acres of public land could be disposed of in exchange for 9,662 acres of private land, owned by Skull Valley, Salt Lake City-based ranching and agricultural conglomerate.

A 30-day protest period for the plan amendment runs into mid-April. Persons wishing to protest should contact the Salt Lake district office, 2370 S. 23rd West, Salt Lake City, 84119. All protests must be in writing and received no later than April 17, 1989.

Under the agreement, the BLM will pick up valuable wetlands and water rights necessary for long-term protection and management of the Horseshoe Springs Wildlife Habitat Area. Also included in the 15.1-square mile acquisition package are several thousand acres of private land in Skull Valley and the nearby Cedar Mountains. The seven sections to be acquired either border or are within the Cedar Mountain Wilderness Study Area.