Quint Williams, 4, went blind suddenly 13 months ago after a tumor caused a hemorrhage in his brain.

His parents, Kirk and Pamela Williams, rushed the boy to the hospital and a doctor removed the tumor, but Quint lost his sight and has been blind ever since.Neighbors, Kay Hutchings and Sue Monk, who are employees at the Riverton Post Office, followed the boy's progress and recently began a fund drive at the post office to buy Quint a Braille typewriter so he can learn to write letters and do his homework.

Instead of letters, the Braille typewriter prints dots in special configurations that blind people can read with their fingers.

In just a month, the postal employees raised $470, the cost of the special machine, and on Thursday, Riverton postal employees gave Quint and his parents the money.

It was all smiles for Quint and his parents, who thanked the postal employees for their generosity.

Kirk Williams explained he has six children, all boys, and Quint is the couple's fifth child. Hence his name, Quint.

"Quint is smart and a joy to be around - a really good boy. The tumor destroyed his pituitary gland, too, and so we have to give him shots once a week, of hormones, to replace the hormone that normally would have come from his pituitary gland. Each shot costs about $1,000."

Quint said he enjoys riding a three-wheeler in his yard and playing with his neighborhood friends. "I have a lot of friends," he said, smiling.

A fund has been set up for anyone wanting to help Quint. Donations can be sent to Help Quint, P.O. Box 303, Riverton, Utah 84065-0303.