Drivers may have thought the detour was a big inconvenience, but a Utah Highway Patrol officer said everyone got off easy. Instead of a traffic jam, there could have been an explosion. At 1:20 p.m. Thursday, a propane truck with a full load tipped over while turning onto southbound I-15 near Spanish Fork. The driver, Guy Hartman, was uninjured, but his truck was damaged. "If the tank had leaked, the explosion could have leveled everything within 5,000 feet," UHP Sgt. Brent Shelby said. "We were very lucky the tank didn't leak. " Shelby said officers considered evacuating the area but decided the nearest buildings were a safe distance away. I-15 between Springville and Spanish Fork was closed in both directions until 6 p.m. About 25 safety officers from the Highway Patrol, the sheriff's department, the two cities and various fire departments worked to secure the area. Another truck from the Petrolane Gas Co. unloaded the tank, and cranes were brought in to right the tipped truck.