The National Science Foundation announced Friday that the Advanced Combustion Engineering Research Center, operated jointed by Brigham Young University and the University of Utah, will be funded for an additional five years.

ACERC will receive about $1.8 million this year, with additional grants over the next four years projected to total $10 million. Funding from BYU and the U., other federal agencies and outside industries will boost that total to $15 million during the next five years.The NSF has funded 18 Engineering Research Centers (ERCs) around the country. The BYU/U. center is the only one dealing with energy and combustion. Addressing critical national energy problems and developing methods for helping to solve these issues is of paramount importance for the center and its 100 participants. The center focuses on the clean and efficient use of fossil fuels, particularly coal and other low-quality fuels.

L. Douglas Smoot, dean of the College of Engineering and Technology at BYU, is the center's director, and David W. Pershing, dean of engineering at the University of Utah, is associate director.

Pershing said the state of Utah, through the office of Community and Economic Development, provided the additional seed money that landed the NSF grant.