Tuesday's scheduled trial of Debra Tuinman on a charge of felony child abandonment has been postponed indefinitely, a court official says.

Following a hearing on Wednesday, 4th District Judge Gerald Schroeder ordered the delay in the case against the 28-year-old woman, a spokeswoman for Schroeder said.She would not comment on who had requested the postponement.

Tuinman is accused of leaving her 7-year-old developmentally disabled son, Eddy, at an I-84 rest area near Boise on Jan. 4.

Her husband, 29-year-old Edward Tuinman, also is charged with felony child abandonment and is scheduled to stand trial May 15 before 4th District Judge Alan Schwartzman.

The couple remained in custody Friday at the Ada County Jail.

Eddy Tuinman, who was found abused, mute and half naked at the Blacks Creek rest stop, remained at a foster home in the custody of the state Department of Health and Welfare.

The Tuinmans were arrested in Utah on their way from Washington state to Arizona. A 5-year-old Salt Lake City boy living next to the family recognized Eddy on a newscast, and his mother alerted police about the Tuinmans.