Democratic Rep. Wayne Owens and his four Utah Republican counterparts in Congress definitely march to the beat of different drummers, according to new report cards from special-interest groups.

The liberal, environmentalist and pro-labor groups that give Owens glowing reviews essentially flunk the four Republicans - Sens. Jake Garn and Orrin Hatch and Reps. Jim Hansen and Howard Nielson.And the conservative, pro-business groups that gush about the wonderful voting records of the four Republicans in turn approve of Owens about as much as the Ayatollah Khomeini approves of the "Satanic Verses."

Every year, lobbying groups issue report cards of how Congress voted on what they felt were key issues. Results of how some of them viewed the Utahns in Congress during 1988 appear in accompanying boxes.

Americans for Democratic Action

Ranking: 0-100, 100 is liberal

Slant: liberal

Key issues: opposed funding for Nicaraguan Contras, supported banning nuclear tests and opposed anti-abortion elements in a District of Columbia funding bill.

Comparison: 25 House members got 0; 10 senators got 0; 22 House members got 100.

Garn 0

Hatch 5

Senate average 48

Hansen 0

Nielson 5

Owens 75

House average 52


American Conservative Union

Ranking: 0-100, 100 is conservative

Slant: conservative

Key issues: supports giving military aid to Nicaraguan Contras, supports continued nuclear testing and opposes rehiring air traffic controllers fired in 1981.

Comparison: 35 House members got 100.

Garn 96

Hatch 96

Senate average 43

Hansen 100

Nielson 92

Owens 36

House average 43



Ranking: 0-100, 100 is pro-union

Slant: pro-union

Key issues: opposes employers using lie detector tests, supports rehiring air traffic controllers fired in 1981, and supports requireing 60 days notice prior to plant closings.


Garn 7

Hatch 36

Senate average 62

Hansen 0

Nielson 21

Owens 93

House average 68


U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Ranking: 0-100, 100 is pro-business

Slant: pro business

Key issues: supports U.S.-Canada free trade bill and opposes requiring 60-day notification of plant closings.


Garn 92

Hatch 86

Senate average 54

Hansen 100

Nielson 92

Owens 16

House average 57


League of Conservation Voters

Ranking: 0-100, 100 is pro-environment

Slant: pro-environment

Key issues: supports passage of the Clean Water Act and opposes provision to sell oil-shale land for as little as $2.50 an acre.


Garn 10

Hatch 20

Senate average 47

Hansen 6

Nielson 19

Owens 81

House average 54