When James Mattison died prospecting for gold in Oklahoma, his buddy wanted to fulfill his friend's last wishes - to be buried at home in Woodstock.

So Richard Clementis loaded his pal into the back of their camper and drove for three days straight, pulling into the driveway of Lasher's Funeral Home Thursday in the middle of a funeral."Clementis knew Jim would want to be taken back to Woodstock, so he drove him straight here," Woodstock Police Chief John Salters said.

Clementis, who was joined by Mattison, 59, on a hunt for gold in Texas, Colorado and Oklahoma in January, now faces misdemeanor charges of transporting a body across state lines without a permit. Clementis, 52, must appear in court March 22.

Police describe the two as "characters" in Woodstock, an artist's community with a '60s flavor best known for the famous rock concert held at a nearby farm.

"You got to know the people involved. Both of them are local characters. Not bad guys, just colorful," Salters said. "You got to understand, this is Woodstock."

Police believe Mattison died of a heart condition stemming from severe diabetes.